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The missing link between Media Startups & Media Tech

The acceleration of Media Startups is becoming more attached to technology advancement and deployment, it also worthwhile mentioning that Media Tech Startup will also need to have direct interaction with Media Startups to plan for the future of the media industry overall.

Media is fast transforming, and it is transforming fast whether its Movies/Cinema, Television, Music, Publishing, Radio, Internet, Advertising, Gaming, Media Innovation, IP Development, and social media.

This is where we believe
Tōshi Tóuzī's value comes into play - Being the missing link calibrating both segments & startups to create a value proposition that will transform the industry with tangible results.

Toshi Touzi Media Technology and Media Startups Support in Asia

At its core, Tōshi Tóuzī will be the link for millennial, Gen Y media ventures to ensure Gen Z and beyond will also hold the innovation torch for the future of Media and Media Tech startups.

Please go ahead and contact us, we will be delighted to discover and explore opportunities with you.


Cizar Abughazaleh Startup Business Mentor Technology and Business


Tōshi Tóuzī team comes from a diversified backgrounds, media, tech and commercial, we believe this will add excellent value to our clients by providing diverse perspective.

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​Basil Yeo Toshi Touzi Media Startup Mentor


Cizar Abughazaleh Media and technology business leader and founder

“Ideas are great. We all have them, but doers are in high demand.”

Cizar Abughazaleh