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You are the future of the media industry in Asia, and you are on this page for a reason.

​You've probably asked yourself many questions, like "How do I start? Who is going to help me? Is my idea good? Can it work?" and so many other questions, but don't worry we might have some of the answers ready for you! Take advantage of our free consultation call and learn more

Why Talk To Our Team

When we discuss with you and explore your ideas we learn more about you and your talent this will help us offer you a tailored solution to support your start up starting with a dedicated mentor and all the way to investments, at Tōshi Tóuzī we believe one of the key ingredients to success is the co-founders that’s why its very important for us to get to know you and learn more about your idea. Drop us a line now and lets get started!

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Your Success Is Ours

At Tōshi Tóuzī your success will means a lot to us, what we do go beyond just a commercial service. We aim to build a long lasting business relationship as they say we will talk the talk and walk the walk!

Why not have a look at our team page to see some of the people you will be talking to.

Start Up Investment

We know that one of the biggest challenges that media startup have in Asia is to secure investment, that's why Tōshi Tóuzī has this also covered not only that we can invest directly with you but also depending on the scalability of your idea we can help you understand how rise funds and grow your startups.


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