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Providing What You Need

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Complete Management Team

We understand that for a startup to begin with a full management team is challenging for many reasons, that's why we aim to offer a complete management team in a cost effective way, and with variable compensation models. send us a message to learn more!

Customized Startup Services

While we also know that at the beginning of your startup you might not need a full function management team or a specific service, that's why we are offering customized startup services and management solutions so you can select what you need and when you needed it.


It's also hard sometimes to know what is it that you need this is where we are ready to listen to you and help you select the most effective option for your startup, send us a message to learn more!

Young Businesswomen
Working Together on Project

Let's Discover Together

When you work with our team and mentors, you will discover the multiple aspects that they can cover in your business, and how we can support you at the most critical stage of your startup in areas such as strategy, sales, marketing, business development, take some time and visit our mentors and services page to learn more about our expertise and background.

Join Our Mentors Team

Want an opportunity where you can share your experience and help other startups learn faster avoid startup obstacles, your contribution will be highly appreciated and can open a wide range of opportunities and new networks, why not apply and join us!


Click on apply and lets us get to know you!

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